• Jason Ferguson

Fast Hop - Flat Nub install guide

As you may have seen or heard, I always recommend the modify baton flat nub on any SRS build.

This guide will show you how to install the nub and perform a small modification of my own that works in lieu of an rhop patch.

Firstly lets go through the parts & tools list.

Turn the Guarder 50 degree bucking inside out.

I use a 6mm Wega Allen key to do this.

Cut off the nub from the guarder bucking.

Take your time when doing this to ensure its a cut level to the wall of the bucking without damaging the bucking.....or your fingers!

When you are happy then turn the bucking inside out (or outside in if you will) again and slide onto the barrel.

Cut the nub that comes with the bucking in half.

Make sure that this is done with a sharp blade and is a straight cut.

If this cut "on the wonk" this will exert uneven pressure on the hop.

I prefer to use the Silverback 80 degree hop rubber as this is a harder rubber and will hold its shape better under pressure

Place the modify flat nub in the fast hop window and then place the cut nub on top of this.

Make sure the nub is perfectly square in the hop window - this will ensure straight shots that don't veer off to the left or right

Finish assembling the fast hop and set the hop to position 7.

On this setting you can look down the barrel to make sure the nub is centred.

Now you can assemble your outer barrel, install the entire unit in your SRS and zero in your hop unit according to the bb weight you are using.